Planning your visit

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When planning your school visit to Tonbridge Castle you can be sure you will get a well organised day out. You can also rely on an excellent service from our helpful staff.

Workshops and tours are held between 10am and 3pm. On arrival mini buses can drop students within the castle grounds near Cannon Lawn. Larger vehicles can stop on the High Street close to the castle entrance.

We can accommodate up to 60 students at one time, divided into groups of up to 20. Each group will get to try the same activities in a circuit. For example, while one group takes part in a workshop, another group can be enjoying a castle tour. Groups can enjoy lunch together on the castle lawn or in the chamber room.

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"Thank you for a wonderful school visit to Tonbridge yesterday. The Year 1 children of St David’s had a great time"
St David’s School
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Tonbridge Castle

Address: Castle Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1BG

Telephone: 01732 770929