Guided tours

Looking at the motte at Tonbridge Caslte

There’s no better way to learn about the castle than seeing it for yourself with your own personal guide.

Guided tours are for children aged five to 12 years and we tailor your day to specific ages or needs. Due to steep stairs, narrow corridors, uneven surfaces and dim lighting castle tours may not be suitable for all children. If you have any concerns, speak to our friendly staff.

On a typical tour students will visit:

  • the basement store and the armoury
  • join the garrison for supper
  • climb up the battlements and see spectacular views from the top of the castle

The tour guide will walk and talk students through history as they explore the castle. We love lots of questions and help students to use their imaginations on the tour.

Guided tours are for 20 students or less. If your group is larger than 20, we will divide them into smaller groups. While one group takes part in a guided tour, the other group will be enjoying a workshop. Groups then swap so students get to enjoy both activities.

Audio tours are also available, in a variety of languages.

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"As always a really enjoyable and very educational visit for our boys. Excellent tours as always. ‘The best castle ever’ to quote one of the boys. Thank you"
Lanesborough School 
A group of children touring Tonbridge Castle

Tonbridge Castle

Address: Castle Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1BG

Telephone: 01732 770929